The GCRI Trust

Welcome to The GCRI Trust

The GCRI Trust, established in 1989, promotes scientific research and education on the cultivation of protected crops e.g. glasshouse crops, crops environmentally protected (e.g. polytunnels etc.), mushrooms, bulbs, flowers and shrubs grown in the open. The Trust provides small travel grants to researchers, managers and practitioners involved in British horticulture, and is keen to widen its reach to horticultural colleges and growers. It publishes technical reports of new and interesting items of potential value to UK horticulture.

In addition, the Trust sponsors The Bewley Lecture, a biennial seminar on international future trends in the industry and named in honour of W F Bewley CBE, who masterminded the establishment of GCRI at Littlehampton between 1921 and 1955.

Information on applying for a travel grant from the GCRI Trust can be found on the GCRI Travel Grants page. Applications should be addressed to Ross Newham and sent to Please entitle the email ‘GCRI Trust Travel Grant Request’.

Past reports can be found on the GCRI Travel Reports page.

Travel grants relating to the UK Tomato Sector are available from The David Stapley Travel Fund.

GCRI Trustees:

  • Mr Colin Frampton (Chairman)
  • Mr David Fox (Secretary)
  • Mr Ross Newham
  • Dr Kerry Burton
  • Dr Allen Langton
  • Dr Mark Else
  • Mr Robert Mitchell
  • Dr Phil Morley